Do I have to put down a deposit?

In order to secure your appointment and for artist to show up to service on date requested, a deposit must be paid and date will be secured

Can I book a "Same Day" Appointment?

Same Day appointments are accepted if time is available for artist. Deposits are still required for this booking type and location is contigent on what works for the artist 

If I bring my own lashes/products does my pricing change?

If there is a product of yours that you would like Erica to use, she is welcomed to that but pricing does not change because her time and skill is still being performed for service

Is there a travel fee associated if I want the artist to come to my location?

Yes there is a travel fee associated if services are held off-site. The travel fee is mile based and will be calculated by artist. There are ways that wedding parties can save with their travel fee if they booked with Lovely Erica

Are there any vendors that you can recommend for my wedding day or event?

If you would like a copy of Erica's Preferred Vendor's list, please use the contact forum above and she will give you some of the best people to assist you with your special event or day

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